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Eventis Destination Services

ADMEI DMC members have demonstrated that they meet ADMEI's membership criteria including carrying a minimum of $1M USD insurance coverage and holding the appropriate business license(s).

ADMC Accredited


The ADMC designation on a directory listing identifies ADMEI Accredited DMCs that meet and adhere to ADMEI's Accreditation Standards.  View ADMC Standards.

How to Search

How to Select

Search by name 

  • Enter all or part of a DMC name, click search

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Search by location: 

  • US Destinations, Select Country, then select State, and click Search.
  • Non-US Destinations - Select Country and click search. Do not select State/Province.
  • Click Company Name or Logo to view website.

Eventis Destination Services

DMC Company Member

Membership Type

DMC Company Member


Candace Bisconte DMCP

RepresentativeDMCPPrimary Representative
Kelly Griffith DMCP
Creative Sales Coordinator

Rachel Payne
Ops Coordinator

Stefany Randazzo
Sales Manager

Alexandra Varbel DMCP
Sales Coordinator

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