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DMCP Candidate Application

The following information is required for you to complete your online DMCP application.   If you have questions, please call ADMEI at +1-512-345-8833 or email

Fields marked with an * are required.

Please verify that you have checked the “I'm not a robot” checkbox.

Applicant Information
Provide your primary contact information. ADMEI will use this information to contact you regarding your application status and all future communications.

Experience and Management Information

20MB max
DMC Competencies
Below are the core skills and expertise Destination Management Company (DMC) professionals possess. Check all the competencies in which you have been responsible for over the past 5 consecutive years. You must select at least TWENTY-EIGHT (28) competencies to be considered as a candidate.

Define Client's Goals and Objectives
Work with Multiple Stakeholders
Research Past Program Data / Facts

Create a Proposal
Conduct a Site Visit
Establish and Work with a Budget
Create Program Content
Design Transportation
Design Dine Around
Calculate Function Space for Room Arrangements
Create Custom Tours
Design Team Building
Develop Pricing Models for Food and Beverage
Utilize Margin for Pricing
Negotiate Client Contract Terms
Secure Vendor Agreements

Manage Tour and/or Meeting Registration
Manage Housing
Execute Transportation
Manage a Dine Around
Oversee Tour Programs
Obtain City Permits
Operate Airport Meet/Greet Services
Develop and Maintain a Working Manifest
Develop or Manage a Youth Program
Execute Team Building
Oversee Food and Beverage
Manage Audio and Visual Requirements
Manage a Speaker / Talent
Oversee Vendors
Create a Schedule of Services (SOS) for Staff
Manage Onsite Staffing (Hospitality, Registration, Special Event, etc.)

Create Marketing, Promotion, and Publicity
Attend a Pre Convention Meeting
Monitor and Maintain Program Profitability
Manage Program Billing
Manage Technology (Social Media, Database, Website, etc)
Professional Contributions, Education, Involvement
ADMEI encourages continued education and industry involvement. You must select at least five (5) items from the rest of this form to be considered as a candidate.

Associates Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Masters Degree

I participated in a Hospitality Internship while in school.


Please check all that apply.  

Qualified industry-related continuing education is defined as a program that focuses on at least one of the 4 DMC domains as defined within the DMC Competencies.  If you choose either of the first two boxes, you must provide documentation in one of the following ways:

a. complete a Professional Development Documentation Form for each session you are requesting credit,*
b. provide a screen capture of your CMP CE record found in the EIC's CMP Portal.

*You will need to identify the DMC Domain for each session, Program Sponsor/Provider, Location & Date, Clock Hours, and Proof of Attendance.  

Courses must have been completed within the past five (5) years.  

Note:  Attendance at ADMEI annual conferences will be reported under ADMEI involvement.

At least 10 clock hours of qualified industry-related continuing education
At least 20 clock hours of qualified industry-related continuing education
You have completed the DMCP Study Session
You have completed the DMC Institute course or webinar series

If you checked 10 or 20 hours of continuing education  in the previous question, please upload your documentation here.  Download the Professional Development Documentation Form if needed.

20MB max

Do you have at least one (1) other meetings industry certification (i.e. CMP, CITE, CMM, CSEP, etc.)?  Please be sure to include the appropriate suffix in the applicant information section.


Check all that apply.

You attended the most recent ADMEI conference
You attended the ADMEI conference two (2) years ago
You attended an ADMEI conference three - five (3 -5) years ago

You may submit up to two (2) published articles.   If you are submitting two (2) articles, select both checkboxes. You will need to upload the article(s) in the next section.

Article #1
Article #2

Please upload the first article you authored in PDF format.

20MB max

Please upload the first article you authored in PDF format.

20MB max

If you have lectured for a class, please indicate below.  You may submit up to two (2).

Lecture #1
Lecture #2

If you selected Lecture, please provide the following:

  1. Hosting Institution
  2. Date
  3. Course

If you have served as a speaker or panelist within the last five (5) years, please indicate below.  You may provide up to two (2).

Speaker / Panelist #1
Speaker / Panelist #2

If you selected Speaker / Panelist, please provide the following:

  1. Meeting Name
  2. Topic
  3. Date

Organizational Involvement
Please check all the industry organizations that you have been a member of within the past (five) 5 years and indicate the capacities of by which you were involved. (Check all that apply.)

Committee Member
Board Member

Committee Member
Board Member

Committee Member
Board Member

Committee Member
Board Member

Committee Member
Board Member

Committee Member
Board Member

Committee Member
Board Member

Additional professional memberships may qualify for points if the Association’s mission is consistent with ADMEI’s. Membership in associations not directly related to the Destination Management industry (Chamber of Commerce, Toastmasters, Executive Women International, etc.) do not apply.   Please list any additional organizations you would like considered.

Please provide your signed supervisor approval form, and two (2) letters of recommendation (one client and one industry professional other than supervisor),

Upload a completed and signed Supervisor Approval Form. (PDF format)

20MB max

Dated within the past six (6) months, upload a letter of recommendation from a client.  (PDF format)

20MB max

Dated within the past six (6) months, upload a letter of recommendation from an industry professional (other than your supervisor).  (PDF format)

20MB max

I certify that all the information contained in this application is accurate and truthful.  I understand that all the information I have provided may be verified and authorize such verification.  I also agree, if certified, to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the ADMEI Board of Directors and the Certification and Accreditation Board.

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